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If you'd like to include me in a public debate or other non-debate-oriented public dialogue about atheism (or other topics), I'm certainly interested, although I do have a few requirements:

  • The topic must be agreed upon in advance, and approved by all participants debating (a.k.a., the opponents).  At least one opponent must have a position or point to defend.
  • The organizer must secure a reliable opponent who is genuinely interested in engaging in a generally-courteous manner (e.g., not constantly interrupting, although I'm okay with occasional interruptions as this is the nature of some debates).
  • The organizer must secure a reliable location:
    • For in-person debates, facilities need to include an adequate audio system, a literature table for signing up new members to the Canadian atheists, free water for everyone, sufficient washrooms, ushering, and parking (being close to public transit is encouraged as this should make the venue accessible to a larger audience).
    • For online debates, this means a YouTube channel (or something similar that doesn't require installing additional software), and the presentation of my name spelled correctly and the link https://www.canadianatheists.ca/ (or www.canadianatheists.ca ) at the beginning and end of the debate, with this same courtesy being extended to all participants debating.
  • The organizer must arrange for advertising of the event (I will gladly announce the event in advance via my social networking accounts in the hopes of helping to broaden the reach to an overall larger audience).
  • All opponents in the debate must be paid the same amount.  Travel and accomodation costs must be covered by the organizer.
  • Full, non-exclusive intellectual property rights to all debate content must be granted to all opponents so that we may re-publish any of it, free from any financial obligation to anyone.  This requirement also applies to anyone recording the event (all persons present at the venue must agree to this requirement in case they record any of it).

For topics that are not related to atheism, secularism, or the Canadian atheists, the link https://www.randolfrichardson.com/ (or www.randolfrichardson.com ) may be used in advertising instead, but only with express agreement from me beforehand.

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