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Radio FreeThinker's host, Don McLenaghen, started inviting me to participate in the live Radio FreeThinker show, which is run by a student-operated radio station at the University of British Columbia (UBC) called CiTR (http://www.citr.ca/) which broadcasts on 101.9 FM.  This has been a fantastic educational experience because public broadcasting is new to me, and Don, a skeptic, makes the whole experience enjoyable and interesting.

Included in reverse-chronological order are the shows that I participated in.  The links lead to the official Radio FreeThinker web site where all past episodes can be downloaded.

2013-Dec-03 episode 235:  Pseudo-scientist take-down edition
In addition to speaking with Radio FreeThinker's host, Don McLenaghen, about pseudo-science, we also discussed a famous pseudo-scientist named Deepak Chopra and examined some correspondence he engaged in with a skeptic.  In his letter, Deepak Chopra claimed that he was being bullied by skeptics and seemed to be implying that science needs to change to be more neutral rather than biased, even though the whole point of practicing skepticism when applying scientific methodology is to be completely neutral as part of eliminating biases.

2013-Oct-08 episode 228:  Debating Islam (without being racist)
Debates about religion are not the same as debates about racism, and yet some people will claim that the critical questioning of religion is racist.  This is not a valid claim unless some racist arguments were actually presented, but then that would also be taking the debate off-topic.  If someone falsely accuses you of racism when you question the veracity of a religious claim, then chances are that they are misunderstanding your question, or purposely trying to be manipulative, or they are trying to change the topic because they feel incapable of providing a reasonable response to your challenge.

2013-Sep-03 episode 223:  Atheist Identity
Radio FreeThinker's host, Don McLenaghen, interviewed me about atheist identity, atheist morality, and atheist parenting.  This is my first serious radio interview, and it was a great experience (I read some of my answers from a script that I prepared in advance because I wanted to make sure the interview went well).

The first 10-15 minutes covers Syria, the UN, and US military action, which I also found interesting, followed by the interview about atheism.  I hope you enjoy this 1-hour episode of Radio FreeThinker (and look into some of their past episodes as well).

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