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The different types of Love
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There are different types of love.  Here are a few to begin with (this is not intended to be a complete list, so please feel free to send additions to me via eMail at randolf+love@richardson.tw):

  1. Love with a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband, and which normally includes an implicit sexual component
  2. Love for a relative, such as one's own child
  3. LOVE, in the context of skepticism, which is an acronym that I created meaning "Logical, Objective, Verifiable Evidence"
    See also:  https://www.atheistfrontier.com/glossary/love.pl
  4. Love of a pursuit, such as having a love for one's chosen line of work or for a hobby

Item 1 is, I assume, the most common one that comes to mind whenever the topic of love is introduced.

Item 2 can be a confusing one for people who haven't differentiated between different types of "love."  For example, the parent of a mass murderer may hate what their child is doing time in prison for, but can also still love them as their child.  Many people have a hard time understanding this, but I suspect that the parent who visits their child in prison does understand.

The other items should be self-explanatory.

I don't agree that loving others requires loving oneself first since love is an emotion that doesn't have to be reciprocal (although reciprocity certainly makes it more meaningful).

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