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On November 11, 2013, a fellow LinkedIn.com member named Andrew Pezza challenged "The Philosophy Network" group with this question:  "What does everyone here believe the task of philosophy is in today's society?  I find that question to [be] better than asking what philosophy is."

My response on November 12, 2013, was the following two paragraphs:

I regard philosophy as a means to gain a better understanding of the moral, ethical, and social values and the effects and implications these values can and do have on individuals as well as societies as a whole.  Often overlooked is that skepticism is also an essential part of philosophy as it provides an important analytical ideology for "questioning everything" to gain that "better understanding."

My concern with philosophy is that it is often limited by restrictions placed upon freedom of expression as there is tremendous pressure by many to impose draconian laws that protect ideas before people and animals, or some sort of a "licensing system" that is designed to protect the feelings of others.  Unfortunately such limitations are at odds with "freedom," which I regard as a form of "dysfunction" since it conflicts with the fundamental nature of the experiences that come from "living," thus I firmly believe that these "erosions of freedom" ultimately tend to do far more harm than good.

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